LARP Overview

A community based around imagination, integrity, and ingenuity, Live Action Role-Play (LARP) participants weave tales and stories into interactive game scenarios. Those involved, often called LARPers, act out fictional situations in a real-world setting while playing detailed character roles. Predominantly based in fantasy realms or focused around a time period, one of the major components of LARPing and perhaps the most recognized, is the simulated hand-to-hand combat within the confines of the story. As these game scenarios have themes and parameters, many battles include weaponry to facilitate the realism and interaction of the event.

With fun being the goal of these games, safety is a top priority. As a result, weaponry is constructed of contact-safe materials that must pass a strict admission test by those governing the event before use in battle. Weaponry is often homemade and constructed of foam materials wrapped around solid bases for padded impact that allows participants battle simulation without fear of injury. Armor Foam offers foam that gives you the ability to create realistic-looking armor and accessories, while maintaining a safe and reliable end product for all makers.

The three combat necessities used most often are armor, shields and weaponry such as swords, axes and spears.

LARP Weaponry

Weapons for LARPing can range in detail from little more than foam tubes with handles to layered and sculpted works of art, with the same range of styles for shields. While appearance is a major part of the fun of LARP, the safety of these weapons remains the focus during creation. One of the best basic materials for maintaining shape and durability while providing a soft, shock absorbing surface is polyethylene foam. This foam can be wrapped around other more ridgid EVA foams such as Foam Armor. We suggest using the two together to create safe and dependable swords and weaponry.

LARP Shields

Designed to provide protection, LARP shields are meant to shield the wielder from opponents blows. This is where EVA and Armor Foam specifically really starts to shine. The ability to shape the Armor Foam with heat allows for complex shapes and curves to be created, giving you the ability to make custom shields that are just as effective as they are beautiful. Don’t just settle for simple and round anymore. The closed-cell, lightweight foam also allows you to create larger shields that can be carried very easily.

LARP Armor

Protecting your head and body are an integral part of both the physical aspect of LARPing, but looking good while doing so is where EVA and Armor Foam take the cake. Armor can be created from thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 10mm EVA foam, which provides the perfect amount of protection, while keeping weight low and flexibility high. We suggest using 5mm for plate metal such as chest and breastplates, bracers, greaves, helmets and other base armor pieces. Using thinner 2mm EVA foam, you can create unique details and more realistic applications. The foam can be easily cut, heated and formed into shapes to contour the body, glued, sanded and painted to create one-of-a-kind armor that can fit into any genre of LARP event.

Using a combination of materials, with foam being the star, you can create consistently safe, reliable and beautiful LARPing components that will amplify your fun and keep you excited to battle for fortnights to come.

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Why Armor Foam?

>2x the density
smooth on both sides
cuts crisp with no drag
keeps blades sharper
higher molding temperature
flexible when heated
holds shape when cooled
burr-free sanding
lightweight & durable
resilient and tear-proof
neutral medium gray color
easily light or dark marked
clean cuts = invisible seams
doesn’t absorb glue or sealer
creates ultra smooth finish
+ more