Create like never before.

Introducing costuming and prop-making’s most rigid, easy-to-use cosplay foam — specifically designed to be smoothly cut and easily heated, shaped, sanded and glued to create the most true-to-form foam armor possible.

Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ anymore. The smooth, ultra-firm surface of Armor Foam sands and paints like no other, producing results unrivaled by any other manufacturer, making it the perfect material for your next cosplay or LARP event.

Armor Foam Feature Roll
Armor Foam Roll

WTF is Armor Foam?

Armor Foam is similar to your typical high-density EVA foam used for cosplay and costume/prop-building, but leveled up. It has all the same properties you are used to working with in foam, but better – solving every problem you have with the material you are currently using.

Our cosplay and LARP foam is more than twice as rigid and dense as the brands most popularly used, making it the ideal material for building rock-solid armor that will stand up to the punishment of a con or stage performance. Skeptical? Look for yourself…

>2x the density
smooth on both sides
cuts crisp with no drag
keeps blades sharper
higher molding temperature
flexible when heated
holds shape when cooled
burr-free sanding

lightweight & durable
resilient and tear-proof
neutral medium gray color
easily light or dark marked
clean cuts = invisible seams
doesn’t absorb glue or sealer
creates ultra smooth finish
+ more

Armor Foam Roll


We aren’t mad at other cosplay foam, we’re just disappointed.

We don’t think you should have to settle. That’s why we offer our cosplay foam in a ultra-dense medium gray, which allows you to mark in the surface with the pen or pencil of your choice. That’s right, you can transfer patterns to our foam with a pencil! The medium gray color also lets you choose the color pen you prefer, while letting you have a dark finish to the inside or backsides of your build. Now there’s no need to choose lighter cosplay foams and spend more time painting the inner or backsides.

Cosplay Foam FAQ

What even is EVA foam?

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a closed cell foam often used in floor and exercise mats. EVA can be heated, usually with a high temperature heat gun, and shaped. Once cool, the material retains it shape until heated again. It can be sanded and glued to itself and other materials, making it perfect for cosplay and crafting. EVA foam comes in various thickness and densities.

Why does density matter?

Less dense EVA foam can be spongy and hard to work with. It’s lower molding temperature means that the shapes you work into the foam can be lost if the foam remotely gets warm. The softer material is also often difficult to get a smooth finish when painting, especially with paints lacking flex agents. Higher density foams are more rigid, with higher molding temperatures, meaning they cut, sand and paint much easier.

Do you carry other thicknesses?

At this time, we are only carring Armor Foam in 5mm thickness. We think this is the ideal combination of weight, density and thickness that will quickly become your preferred material to build from.

Is it available in other colors?

Nope. We specifically chose a medium gray color. This is the perfect color to mark on with either light or dark markers while also keeping you from having to finishe the inside of pieces such as helmets like you would with light or colored foam.

Can I order larger or custom sizes?

If you are looking for larger sizes of continous foam, let us know and we will try and accommodate your request. Or just pick up 2 or more rolls… just sayin.

Why is it more expensive than EVA38?

EVA38 takes less time and pressure to create. The market is flooded with this low to medium desnsity cosplay foam, making it easy to get and cheap to work with. But you get what you pay for and what you save in money you will spend in time, energy and unhappy results.

Do you partner or wholesale?

At this time, we are not currently wholesaling or offering bulk discounts, but we plan to in the future. We are, although, always looking to partner and are open to your ideas. 

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Maker Reviews

Armor Foam changed the game for my cosplay projects & blew the other EVA Foam I typically use out of the water! I’ve made many projects using EVA Foam. I expected the Armor Foam to be the same, but it was BETTER. Here is what I noticed: EVA Foam tends to be porous, but the Armor Foam didn’t have a single hole or mark in it. It was nice & smooth. This improved the quality of my paint job and saved me time I might spend on filling pores on EVA Foam. EVA Foam can also often be flimsy. Alternatively, the Armor Foam was incredibly firm and sturdy, but not difficult to use at all. Cutting my traced out patterns was MUCH easier with this sturdier material. When cutting EVA Foam with a sharp knife, the material sometimes pulls and stretches terribly which can ruin pieces. I didn’t have this problem with the Armor Foam.

Magical Lee Cosplay

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I’ve been using EVA foam for a while but always had the same complaints when it comes to wearing it at events: it rips and bends. Anyone who has worn full armor builds knows that it gets toasty in them! And that body heat can start to affect the stability of the foam and cause creases. Armor foam solved these issues. I have since made multiple armor pieces with it and have worn them to multiple events. Regardless of how warm it gets, the pieces stay very stable. When I first saw how stiff the roll of foam was, I assumed it would be difficult to work with. But a heat gun solved that issue. This felt like somewhere between typical EVA foam and worbla. A utility knife cut through it with ease and didn’t tear the edges like EVA foam sometimes can. I primed some pieces with plastidip, but I didn’t prime others and it still had a very smooth finish. My paint didn’t seep into the foam like it does with other’s EVA. Overall I was so impressed with how this foam handled during the crafting process and during wear! It definitely will become a staple product for my cosplay builds!
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